Phortunes By Phoenix

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"I'm excited to be one of the first of many I'm sure, to get a reading from this gifted psychic reader! Her energy was like a fresh cool water, her answers were concise and right to the point. Very supportive! Thank you for this reading!"

-Ashyn Angel

"I've never had a psychic reading before, and honestly, I wasn't expecting anything. When I first sat down, Phoenix was friendly and very patient with me since I wasn't sure what I wanted, and we ended up doing a general reading. I was shocked by the accuracy of what she said, I gave her no information other than my name, and she was able to pinpoint all of my concerns and help guide me towards a stable place. I came to her a skeptic, but I keep coming back because I have never met someone as gifted and genuine as Phoenix. Her gift is something I honestly don't understand, but I highly recommend that you come see for yourself!"

-Rhea H.

"I've had my fortune told more times that I can even begin to count, but Phoenix is the most accurate reader I've ever met. It's like she looked at me as if she were reading a book, like, she hit every mark without any hints from me. It was scary accurate. If you never see another psychic again, make sure you finish with Phoenix! You wont regret it!"

-Matt Rutherford

"Where should I start? First of all, Phoenix is the sweetest person I've ever met! She's patient, kind, and unbelievably understanding. When I came to her I was upset about a breakup and worried I wouldn't recover, but she looked at my path and gave me advice on how to feel better, as well as foreseeing multiple positive changes. At the time I didn't wanna believe it, but she was so accurate! If you are looking for a genuine and otherwise accurate reading, call Phoenix! Shes great!"

-Kathy E.

"First thing's first, I am a skeptic. I've never believed is all that psychic hoopla, and I honestly only decided to get a reading to self validate. I mean, this is all c*ap, or so I thought. Phoe has some kinda crazy second sight, like, the girl has a gift! She was completely correct and I won't lie, it freaked me out. But still, homegirl knows whats up! Get a reading!"

-David J.

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     Advice or guidance concluded as part of the reading process are merely considered as such and therefore does not replace your own decisions or conclusions. That being said;

-Please seek competent medical or psychological assistance from a qualified healthcare professional if you have a disease, illness or disorder.

-Please seek competent financial assistance from a banker, broker or financial consultant before you make any financial transactions.

-Please seek competent legal assistance from a qualified attorney of law if you have any legal problems.

-I recommend every person act according to his or her own conscience for the greater good of all concerned.

-I do not read for persons under the age of 18 years of age. (Parental approval will be required for minors to receive a reading).

     I will strive at all times to intuit you options and situation to the best of my skill, but please remember that fortune telling services, including but not limited to, tarot cards, palm reading, and mediumship are neither good nor bad though they may be used to encourage, give hope and identify options for future behavior. You alone are responsible for your own behavior and choices, and you should remember that readings are entertaining and should be considered as thus.

     You have the right to follow your own judgments and I as a reader believe you are capable of doing what is right and best for your own life. My advice or guidance is just that, and should not be taken as absolute fact. Should you choose to follow the advice or guidance given to you, you are assuming any and all liability for the outcome of your actions.

Blessings to you and yours!

-Phortunes By Phoenix